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Role Of Medical Transcriptionists

A role of a medical transcriptionist is to make records of treatments, which is transcribed by them. The doctors, nurses or health professionals through phones or by electronic recorded messages dictate the voice file. New technologies coming into existence have made this task less time consuming as before. Voice recognition software is one of these technologies that have made the job of the transcriptionist much easier. The discovery of such transcription software programs has made editing very adept especially in terms of the correct use of grammar and spellings. Despite this, it cannot replace the trained human minds.

The medical transcriptionist plays a role of a vital member who is not visible Role of Medical Transcriptioniststo the public but helps in documenting the quality of patient care. It provides important services to both the physician as well as the patients by the transcribed dictated medical reports of the patients care and condition. It includes the history and chart notes, operative reports, memos, letters, discharge summaries, specialized tests, and diagnostic studies. The medical transcriptionists help with quality patient care with their commitment to work with excellence. They transcribe the report of a patient’s life with perfection demonstrating their best vocabulary knowledge of medical terms, anatomy, and pharmacology and laboratory tests to produce perfect and complete medical record.

The transcriptionists need to be perfectionists in English grammar, style, knowledge of transcription practices, typing and structure to give the best quality work. They work in different setups including medical centers, general and specialty hospitals, clinics, radiology and pathology offices, government and insurance companies and other environments. Some of them join their transcription skills to clinical skills to work as medical assistants. They transcribe reports from various medical fields that make their everyday work creative, unique, challenging and opportunity for learning. They remain to be unseen helping members of the medical team.

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