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Responsibilities Of A Medical Transcriptionist

Responsibilities Of Medical TranscriptionistA medical transcriptionist need to be highly dedicated to the profession and are required to perform the duties and responsibilities with 100% accuracy.   The transcriptionists are expected to transcribe accurately the medical record number, patient details and other parameters along with the dictation. They need to work on with correct grammar, punctuation and spellings.

The transcriptionists have to utilize the available references on medical terminology, anatomy and procedures to avoid possible errors.  MTs in foreign countries sort out, assemble and keep records of medical cases. In the US, usually the Doctor’s secretaries perform these duties.  The transcriptionists are liable to collect the audio dictation tapes and need to post the transcribed medical reports on time.

Responsibilities of Medical TranscriptionistThe MTs need to perform the disk backup process and follow up with missing cases or dictations.  They also need to check the quality assurance before posting any transcribed records.  With subtle, calm and careful approach, a transcriptionist can perform all these duties accurately.  The transcriptionists play a major role in the entire healthcare industry, as a single mistake from their part can bring down great hassles.

Well-trained and experienced MTs are expected to perform all these duties with a perfect touch to safeguard the healthcare industry and the growing population.

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