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Medical Transcription Security

Medical Transcription SecurityMedical transcription refers to the process where voice recorded reports are transcribed into text format. These voice recorded reports are mainly compiled by physicians and other healthcare professionals.

The old systems of having only paper records for all patient histories are changing. More and more healthcare centers are making the shift to the electronic methods of data storage. In this respect, the medical transcription security has to be assured. Only the physicians and other staff who have the privilege to view patient data should be allowed to access it.

The people who do the actual transcribing of patient data to text format are called MTs. This stands for Medical Transcriptionists. They should be legitimate employees of the hospital, who either work at the hospital or work from home as telecommuting employees of the hospital. They need to be given permission first, in order to uphold medical transcription security.

In addition, the MTs are supposed to comply with all the set rules and regulations, not to mention the laws that govern medical transcription. These employees also face some problems of their own, like when the doctor has bad speech habits, a rather heavy foreign accent or the doctor may also murmur while dictating.

Medical Transcription SecurityAt all times, the timeliness, confidentiality and quality of the transcribed work should be of high standard. Medical transcription security can also be maintained through use of encryption methods and monitoring. The healthcare provider can keep an audit trail of all the people who have accessed the data over a given time period.

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