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Medical Transcription Resources

Medical Transcription ResourcesMedical transcriptionists have to constantly add new books and resources to their personal and professional libraries. A common list of the medical transcription resources is given below:

The basic home library of a medical transcriptionist necessarily includes the following:

A drug reference book (preferably the American Drug Index by Facts and Comparisons or Stedman’s Quick Look Drug Book)

  1. A standard English language dictionary (Webster)
  2. A common medical word book (Sloane’s Medical Word Book)
  3. A medical abbreviations book (Neil. M. Davis’s Medical Abbreviations: 30000 Conveniencies at the Expense of Communication and Safety )
  4. An inclusive medical dictionary (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary or Dorland’s Quick Look Drug Book)
  5. A good grammar and style guide (The Chicago Book of Style or the Book of Style from AHDI)

Some of the most popular Medical Word Books from Stedman’s library include:

  1. Alternative as well as Complementary Medicine Words
  2. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words
  3. Dermatology & Immunology Words
  4. Emergency Medicine Words
  5. Endocrinology Words
  6. GI & GU Words
  7. Internal Medicine Words
  8. Medical & Surgical Equipment Words
  9. Neurology & Neurosurgery Words, 4th Edition
  10. OB-GYN & Pediatric Words, 5th Edition
  11. Oncology Words
  12. Ophthalmology Words
  13. Organisms and Infectious Diseases Words
  14. Orthopedic and Rehab Words
  15. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Words
  16. Medical Transcription Resources Plastic Surgery, ENT, & Dentistry Words, 5th Edition
  17. Psychiatric Words
  18. Radiology Words
  19. Surgery Words
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