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Medical Transcription Reference

Medical Transcription ReferenceIn order to make the transcript perfect, medical transciptionists need to do loads of search, reference work, and research. Although most of the medical transcriptions keep a medical book handy for easy reference, they rely more on the Internet that is a vast source of reliable and updated information.  In order to make it easier for medical transcriptionists, several reference sites on the Internet have clustered their information in one single place. Some of the common medical transcription reference sites are given below:

Search Engines: The search engines that can be used while searching for relevant websites for medical transcription reference include Google, Yahoo, googleMT, Mahalo, Info Referral, Ask, MSN, Best of the Web, Go2, Mego Go, Switch Board, Snap, Cuil, Vivismo, Surf Fast, Big Book, Alexa, Infobel, Find What, Ref Desk, Powerset, Search, Quick Search, and Switch Board.

Dictionaries: Some of the popular dictionaries that can help medical transcriptionists look for specific medical terms include the Merriam-Webster, Dictionary Reference, Online Medical Dictionary, and Free Dictionary.

Medical Transcription ReferenceMedical Search: The websites that can be referred for medical information are the Rare Disease, Web MD, Monthly Prescribing Reference, Rx List, Health Answers, E-medicine, Drug Store, Center Watch, Medications Online, Drugs, Medi-Lexicon, Web Health, Medications Net, and The Little Blue Book.

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