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Medical Transcription Practice

Medical Transcription PracticeMost transcription companies handle the demand for medical transcriptionists through campuses, internal referrals and internet applications. The requirements for one to join the medical transcription practice are few and one only needs to pass a small English test and an English listening proficiency test in order to be recruited.  After recruitment, they have to be taken through a very intensive training that exposes them to the challenges of the job.

The employer runs a courseware that is used to determine those who have acquired the necessary skills for use in medical transcription practice. They are then absorbed into the medical transcription firm. In some cases, the recruitment may be undertaken through tie-ups with recruitment agencies, which offer professional training services.

Practitioners in this field include professional medical transcriptionists, teachers of English language and doctors who are associate professors.  There are two phases involved in medical transcription training. The first one is laboratory and classroom training. This stage lasts for up to 6 months and it is during this stage that core skills in the medical field are introduced and competencies imparted. This area covers a basic medical overview as well as competencies in language.

Medical Transcription PracticeKnowledge in human anatomy is very crucial. Knowledge in pharmacological and medical transcription practice is also very essential. Knowledge in medications, which are commonly used in UK and USA, is imparted at this level.  A thorough familiarization course on medical data entry resources introduces crucial aspects of the field to the trainees. The second stage involves on-the job training which is undertaken in the transcription centre and which takes 6 to 12 months.

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