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Medical Transcription DictionaryMedical transcription refers to the conversion of the voice-recorded reports of doctors, physicians and other healthcare providers into text formats that are then saved electronically, on computers mostly. A medical transcriptionist is the person who does the actual transcribing of the voice-recorded report into a text report.

To be a transcriptionist, one has to be good at typing and spelling, and have the ability to type and listen to the diction at the same time. In addition to this, they also have to have good knowledge and spelling of a number of medical terms. This means that memory is very important when it comes to the job of medical transcription.

There are a number of sites that contain medical transcription dictionaries. The sites can be accessed for free. There is also a lot of free transcription software that takes as little as a day to learn, and it greatly reduces the need for the transcriptionists to memorize the details they get from the voice recorders.

Medical Transcription DictionaryThere are numerous medical transcription dictionaries online. It is important to find one that consistently updates its database, to keep up with the latest additions to medical terminology. The terminology might either be the classically used words, or it might also be the more recent and versatile contemporary nomenclature used by doctors.

Most of the online medical transcription dictionaries give descriptions of terms, definitions, spell checkers and a host of other resources that transcriptionists use in their work.

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