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Importance Of Foot Pedal In Medical Transcription

Foot Pedal In Medical TranscriptionApart from mastering medical terminology, editing job, using playback controls on a transcriber, and the ability to listen as well as type simultaneously, a medical transcriptionist definitely needs to master their skill of using a foot pedal. Proficient use of the foot pedal can be of great help in playing and adjusting the dictations, thereby allowing the medical transcriptionist to maintain a superior rhythm of execution.

A foot pedal in medical transcription becomes of utmost significance, since it is this transcription supply that enables a medical transcriptionist to start and stop the playbacks of voice files. Most of the professional medical transcriptionists prefer a special type of recorder that is equipped with a foot pedal and a headset. Because of the foot pedal playing and stopping the tape, a medical transcriptionist can simply listen to the tape and record all the data they are hearing in a word processing document.

Foot Pedal In Medical TranscriptionThus, the foot pedal enables the medical transcriptionist to manage the dictations. A basic foot pedal can allow playing, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding the dictation. Learning to operate a foot pedal is not a daunting task and is surely far better than controlling the dictation on fingertips. The foot pedal makes it possible for medical transcriptionists to employ their fingers only in the typing process and thereby, increases their typing speed.

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