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Online Medical Transcription School: Find The Genuine One!

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Are you looking for taking admission in a medical transcription school? Do you think that you will not be able to take out time from your busy schedule for classes? In case you answer to these question is positive then one of the best alternatives for you can be online medical transcription school. But then for this it is important that you know how to find a genuine one among all the options available to you.

Online Medical Transcription School A genuine online medical transcription school provides you the same kind of classes as that of the normal school classes. They offer you courses for medical terminology, physiology, ethics, etc. More than that, at these classes you will offered online courses like medical procedures, formatting of transcription as well as laboratory tests. There are many online schools that will offer you certified or diploma courses of which you can take advantage off.

One thing you should be aware of is that medical transcription involves memorizing and so it is going to consume a lot of time. You will also have to get used to the terminologies involved in medical field. The online schools that do not advertise how long it will take for you to get started with working are the genuine ones. This is because it depends upon your capability to grasp. A genuine will actually concentrate on teaching you properly.

The best way to check out whether the online school you are approaching is genuine or not is through references and for this you can speak to the graduates of that school. They are the ones that can tell you whether the school is able to provide wide transcription practice or not. The learning will surely be tough but when you are learned with the training you will be glad that you are thoroughly ready to get started working.

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Facets of High Quality Medical Transcription Services

July 3rd, 2010 No comments

Nowadays there is lot of demand for medical transcription services. With so much demand for these services the number of these service providers have also increased to a great extend. It is quite obvious when you are planning to select one for your requirements you will surely want the best. But then there are many people like you who are in search of the best service provider and do not know what facets do high quality medical transcription service providers have to offer you?

Quality Medical Transcription The high quality medical transcription services will provide you with fast turnaround time. You will surely want to have fast processing and efficiency in the work and this is something that can be delivered by them. The service providers that are proficient will provide you the work within two to three days. These companies will also provide you with guarantee of confidentiality. Confidence is very important at the time of handling the records. This is because you will definitely want that the information provided to you remains private and not disclosed.

These quality medical transcription service providers have skilled as well as professional staff. The staff actually possesses complete knowledge of medical field which involves terminologies, ethics as well as physiology. This staffs are highly experienced and so will be able to properly transcribed, check, edit and then send it to you in the form of records. The professional and quality service providers will always be willing to offer their service whenever you want. They are the ones that provide twenty four hour consumer services. It is quite obvious that you want that you are attended as soon as possible and you also get the records instantly. This can surely be provided by these quality medical transcription services.

These are some of the facets of the high quality medical transcription service, so would you not like to go for working with them!

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Aspects to Consider for Medical Transcription Services!

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Have you already decided to hire medical transcription services? If yes, it is important that you have the right one for your needs as you will surely want to get the work done in the right manner and this will also ensure that you will not be wasting your money. Therefore at the time of selecting these services it is important that you consider some factors for considering the right one.

Medical Transcription Services The foremost thing to look for is the aspect of accuracy in medical transcription service. In case some mistake is done there will be risk to your patients and so mistakes in medical records are not affordable. You need to make sure that the service provider you are selecting must have proper experience so that there are least chances of making mistakes. These service providers should also posses a staff that is quality oriented. Before you opt for the services it is significant that you double check their services.

Another aspect that you need to take into account is high security. In case you are going to carry out your interaction through online then you must ensure that there is high security through web. To check out the security you should know that the standard security is 128-bit SSL. You need to check it out so that you are assured about not compromising on the security aspect.

More than that, you also need to consider an aspect that is fast turnaround times. You will require getting your paperwork and documents transcribed and get back to you as soon as possible. Check out the standard time of delivery offered by them for their regular orders. Also check out whether the company offers you stat services. This service helps to get things done quickly but may be you will have to pay some extra money for this service.

These aspects will surely help you to select quality oriented medical transcription services.

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American Association For Medical Transcription

June 29th, 2009 No comments

American Association For Medical TranscriptionThe Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) was formed in the year 1978 and was formerly known as the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). The AHDI was established with the main goal of ensuring more accuracy in medical records and more safety of patients. The medical transcriptionists join the AHDI for protection and validation. The AHDI also offers resources based on the latest and the most updated technology to the MT industry to meet their everyday medical transcription requirements. The primary services offered by the association include networking, giving advice and providing job opportunities.

The AHDI firmly believes that the electronic and transcribed documents are a necessary and vital component of any healthcare record. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor transcription accuracy regularly so that the quality of the medical documentation is ensured and the medical transcriptionists can receive consistent feedbacks. This attention to quality reflects that even minor discrepancies in a medical record can be potentially risky for the health of the patient and diminish the perceived competence and credibility of that healthcare provider.

American Association For Medical TranscriptionThe AHDI keeps those medical transcriptionists who are updated with the latest challenges and trends influencing medical transcription. Right from a medical transcriptionist trainee to an experienced, professional medical transcriptionist, the information in the AHDI is necessary for all those pursuing excellence in
this field.

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Medical Transcription Resources

June 29th, 2009 No comments

Medical Transcription ResourcesMedical transcriptionists have to constantly add new books and resources to their personal and professional libraries. A common list of the medical transcription resources is given below:

The basic home library of a medical transcriptionist necessarily includes the following:

A drug reference book (preferably the American Drug Index by Facts and Comparisons or Stedman’s Quick Look Drug Book)

  1. A standard English language dictionary (Webster)
  2. A common medical word book (Sloane’s Medical Word Book)
  3. A medical abbreviations book (Neil. M. Davis’s Medical Abbreviations: 30000 Conveniencies at the Expense of Communication and Safety )
  4. An inclusive medical dictionary (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary or Dorland’s Quick Look Drug Book)
  5. A good grammar and style guide (The Chicago Book of Style or the Book of Style from AHDI)

Some of the most popular Medical Word Books from Stedman’s library include:

  1. Alternative as well as Complementary Medicine Words
  2. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words
  3. Dermatology & Immunology Words
  4. Emergency Medicine Words
  5. Endocrinology Words
  6. GI & GU Words
  7. Internal Medicine Words
  8. Medical & Surgical Equipment Words
  9. Neurology & Neurosurgery Words, 4th Edition
  10. OB-GYN & Pediatric Words, 5th Edition
  11. Oncology Words
  12. Ophthalmology Words
  13. Organisms and Infectious Diseases Words
  14. Orthopedic and Rehab Words
  15. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Words
  16. Medical Transcription Resources Plastic Surgery, ENT, & Dentistry Words, 5th Edition
  17. Psychiatric Words
  18. Radiology Words
  19. Surgery Words
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Medical Terminology In Medical Transcription

June 29th, 2009 No comments

Medical Terminology In Medical TranscriptionIndividuals planning to take up medical transcription as a professional career need to first train themselves with the medical terminology. The medical terminology is the starting point of all medical careers.

Medical terminology can be defined as the specific vocabulary used by the medical industry to give exact descriptions to different human body conditions, diagnoses, and procedures. The medical terminology becomes essential, especially in the field of medical transcription. This is because in medical transcription, the deciphering process is of utmost significance in understanding or including any medical limit.

Before taking up a medical transcription job, it becomes crucial to take up a course or training from one’s own side, in order to identify with the exact forms of the various medical limits. A medical limit can be clearly understood by breaking it up into its elements that would include the word itself, its prefix, and its root suffix. A person would need to evaluate and learn the significance of each of these individually and then go for the full comprehension of the word.

Medical Terminology In Medical TranscriptionA medical career cannot begin without the complete knowledge of its fundamental basis of medical terminology. Without understanding the complete arrangement, it would not be possible for a person to employ or use the medical terminology in the medical transcription career. Even medical professionals keep handy a medical dictionary that acts as reference for various medical limits. They also keep themselves updated with the latest addition of new terms to the medical dictionary. The proper comprehension of the words, their suffixes, and prefixes will play a major role in ensuring the success in the medical transcription career.

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Medical Transcription Process

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Medical Transcription ProcessMedical transcription, regularly referred as MT, is an allied health care profession that incorporates the translation of audio dictations by Physicians to a typed record.  The transcription process comprises of approved and routine word formats and is exceptionally dependent on trained transcriptionists.  The basic understanding for medical transcription includes outstanding written English, therapeutic terminology, pharmacology and fundamental computer skills. Transcriptionist also needs to hold a good listening comprehension.

The modern types of techniques practiced in transcription involve digital audio files recorded to regular, mini, micro tapes, or to computerized digital devices. The basic phenomenon of medical transcription usually uses customary word processing package and speech recognition software.  The healthcare transcription is an initial process through which the medical professionals, physicians and hospitals communicate the information of patients with insurance organizations or other medical practitioners.

Medical Transcription ProcessThe MT profession makes an extensively specialized job that needs a great level of training in medical terms, English grammar, abbreviations, capitalization rules and great degree of dedication.  The transcriptionists acquire benefit from on-job experience through handling medical records from different healthcare specialties.  Even though, the transcriptionists are paid on per-line basis, they can even earn a big deal of cash and may enjoy the comfort of home-based working.  The onset of Internet and FTP had made the transcription process easier through speedy transferring of voice as well as data files.

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Medical Transcription Future

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Medical Transcription FutureThe future of Medical transcription is indeed bright as well as secure as there is greater demand for good quality medical transcribers. In present days, medical transcription has taken the top spot in health care jobs that are outsourced. Medical transcription helps in documenting the records of patients’ health. Moreover, it reduces time as well cost of formulating the reports.

Worldwide, especially in the U.S, health care sector is directly associated with insurance sector. Hence, physicians need to process out the details of patients quickly and accurately so that these both sectors can function smoothly. Most healthcare institutes in the U.S outsource medical transcription services to countries in Asia. This has in fact become an essential part of their every day functioning.

Moreover, several new entrants in health care sectors such as research laboratories, private practitioners, hospitals, institutes are aware of advantages of effective services offered by medical transcription. Hence, they are keener on outsourcing the work. Apart from regular medical transcription services, health care institutes are also outsourcing medical billing as well as coding jobs to companies that provide transcription services.

Medical Transcription FutureAsian countries in particular are becoming the hub of medical transcription, so the future of individuals who are taking courses on the same is bright. Moreover, availability of quality and devoted candidates, who are computer literate, have knowledge of medical terms is higher in these countries. In addition, record shows that medical transcribers from these countries submit the work within 24 hours of assigning the job. These all factors assure that the future of medical transcription is long and secure.

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Importance Of Foot Pedal In Medical Transcription

June 29th, 2009 No comments

Foot Pedal In Medical TranscriptionApart from mastering medical terminology, editing job, using playback controls on a transcriber, and the ability to listen as well as type simultaneously, a medical transcriptionist definitely needs to master their skill of using a foot pedal. Proficient use of the foot pedal can be of great help in playing and adjusting the dictations, thereby allowing the medical transcriptionist to maintain a superior rhythm of execution.

A foot pedal in medical transcription becomes of utmost significance, since it is this transcription supply that enables a medical transcriptionist to start and stop the playbacks of voice files. Most of the professional medical transcriptionists prefer a special type of recorder that is equipped with a foot pedal and a headset. Because of the foot pedal playing and stopping the tape, a medical transcriptionist can simply listen to the tape and record all the data they are hearing in a word processing document.

Foot Pedal In Medical TranscriptionThus, the foot pedal enables the medical transcriptionist to manage the dictations. A basic foot pedal can allow playing, stopping, rewinding, and fast forwarding the dictation. Learning to operate a foot pedal is not a daunting task and is surely far better than controlling the dictation on fingertips. The foot pedal makes it possible for medical transcriptionists to employ their fingers only in the typing process and thereby, increases their typing speed.

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Medical Transcription Reference

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Medical Transcription ReferenceIn order to make the transcript perfect, medical transciptionists need to do loads of search, reference work, and research. Although most of the medical transcriptions keep a medical book handy for easy reference, they rely more on the Internet that is a vast source of reliable and updated information.  In order to make it easier for medical transcriptionists, several reference sites on the Internet have clustered their information in one single place. Some of the common medical transcription reference sites are given below:

Search Engines: The search engines that can be used while searching for relevant websites for medical transcription reference include Google, Yahoo, googleMT, Mahalo, Info Referral, Ask, MSN, Best of the Web, Go2, Mego Go, Switch Board, Snap, Cuil, Vivismo, Surf Fast, Big Book, Alexa, Infobel, Find What, Ref Desk, Powerset, Search, Quick Search, and Switch Board.

Dictionaries: Some of the popular dictionaries that can help medical transcriptionists look for specific medical terms include the Merriam-Webster, Dictionary Reference, Online Medical Dictionary, and Free Dictionary.

Medical Transcription ReferenceMedical Search: The websites that can be referred for medical information are the Rare Disease, Web MD, Monthly Prescribing Reference, Rx List, Health Answers, E-medicine, Drug Store, Center Watch, Medications Online, Drugs, Medi-Lexicon, Web Health, Medications Net, and The Little Blue Book.

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