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American Association For Medical Transcription

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American Association For Medical TranscriptionThe Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI) was formed in the year 1978 and was formerly known as the American Association for Medical Transcription (AAMT). The AHDI was established with the main goal of ensuring more accuracy in medical records and more safety of patients. The medical transcriptionists join the AHDI for protection and validation. The AHDI also offers resources based on the latest and the most updated technology to the MT industry to meet their everyday medical transcription requirements. The primary services offered by the association include networking, giving advice and providing job opportunities.

The AHDI firmly believes that the electronic and transcribed documents are a necessary and vital component of any healthcare record. It is, therefore, necessary to monitor transcription accuracy regularly so that the quality of the medical documentation is ensured and the medical transcriptionists can receive consistent feedbacks. This attention to quality reflects that even minor discrepancies in a medical record can be potentially risky for the health of the patient and diminish the perceived competence and credibility of that healthcare provider.

American Association For Medical TranscriptionThe AHDI keeps those medical transcriptionists who are updated with the latest challenges and trends influencing medical transcription. Right from a medical transcriptionist trainee to an experienced, professional medical transcriptionist, the information in the AHDI is necessary for all those pursuing excellence in
this field.

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Medical Transcription Profession

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Successful Medical TranscriptionistAn individual involved in the medical transcription profession is known as an MT, i.e. medical transcriptionist. The transcription equipments and supplies used by the MT are called medical transcribers. A medical transcription professional or an MT converts the medical records of the patient in a kind of written format. This is to avoid any handwritten formats of medical data, since these are more prone to misinterpretations and errors by different healthcare providers.

There are no requirements for any formal education to pursue a career in the medical transcription profession. Training and education can be obtained through diploma or certificate programs, on-the-job training, or traditional schooling. Some medical transcription jobs may also require a work experience of a minimum number of years in the same profession.

Successful Medical TranscriptionistMoreover, pursuing a career in the profession of medical transcription does not require any particular certification or registration. The profession can be chosen for any professional or personal reasons. However, an MT is not entitled to use the title of CMT (Certified Medical Transcriptionist) simply after obtaining a certificate from a training program. To earn the CMT credential, the MT would have to pass the certification examination that is solely conducted by the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

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Successful Medical Transcriptionist

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The medical transcription industry witnessed a huge shakeout in the year 2000 with numerous healthcare providers exiting from the field of medical transcription services because of unreliable revenue sources and limited business volumes. This led to a large percentage of medical transcription services to be outsourced to Asian countries such as India and Philippines. Thus, the generation of employment in this field received a tremendous boom in these countries.

Successful Medical TranscriptionistSince the outsourcing of the medical transcription jobs made this field more competitive than before, it takes a lot today to become a successful medical transcriptionist. The HR departments of various medical transcription service providers are aiming at maintaining a high medical transcription training level in order to ensure the development of proficient medical transcriptionists.

Some medical transcription training organizations, in order to ensure generation of competitive and successful medical transcriptionists, ensure that the transcriptionists are encouraged to take some short breaks from their workstations during their on-the-job training session. This alleviates a great deal of stress that is caused by constantly listening to the continuous medical dictations, and in turn, enhances the quality of their transcription. These companies also try enhancing the morale of the transcriptionists, build and sustain their interest in their work environment, and eventually, improve the quality of their performance and outputs.

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Medical Transcription Resources

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Medical Transcription ResourcesMedical transcriptionists have to constantly add new books and resources to their personal and professional libraries. A common list of the medical transcription resources is given below:

The basic home library of a medical transcriptionist necessarily includes the following:

A drug reference book (preferably the American Drug Index by Facts and Comparisons or Stedman’s Quick Look Drug Book)

  1. A standard English language dictionary (Webster)
  2. A common medical word book (Sloane’s Medical Word Book)
  3. A medical abbreviations book (Neil. M. Davis’s Medical Abbreviations: 30000 Conveniencies at the Expense of Communication and Safety )
  4. An inclusive medical dictionary (Stedman’s Medical Dictionary or Dorland’s Quick Look Drug Book)
  5. A good grammar and style guide (The Chicago Book of Style or the Book of Style from AHDI)

Some of the most popular Medical Word Books from Stedman’s library include:

  1. Alternative as well as Complementary Medicine Words
  2. Cardiovascular & Pulmonary Words
  3. Dermatology & Immunology Words
  4. Emergency Medicine Words
  5. Endocrinology Words
  6. GI & GU Words
  7. Internal Medicine Words
  8. Medical & Surgical Equipment Words
  9. Neurology & Neurosurgery Words, 4th Edition
  10. OB-GYN & Pediatric Words, 5th Edition
  11. Oncology Words
  12. Ophthalmology Words
  13. Organisms and Infectious Diseases Words
  14. Orthopedic and Rehab Words
  15. Pathology and Laboratory Medicine Words
  16. Medical Transcription Resources Plastic Surgery, ENT, & Dentistry Words, 5th Edition
  17. Psychiatric Words
  18. Radiology Words
  19. Surgery Words
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Medical Terminology In Medical Transcription

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Medical Terminology In Medical TranscriptionIndividuals planning to take up medical transcription as a professional career need to first train themselves with the medical terminology. The medical terminology is the starting point of all medical careers.

Medical terminology can be defined as the specific vocabulary used by the medical industry to give exact descriptions to different human body conditions, diagnoses, and procedures. The medical terminology becomes essential, especially in the field of medical transcription. This is because in medical transcription, the deciphering process is of utmost significance in understanding or including any medical limit.

Before taking up a medical transcription job, it becomes crucial to take up a course or training from one’s own side, in order to identify with the exact forms of the various medical limits. A medical limit can be clearly understood by breaking it up into its elements that would include the word itself, its prefix, and its root suffix. A person would need to evaluate and learn the significance of each of these individually and then go for the full comprehension of the word.

Medical Terminology In Medical TranscriptionA medical career cannot begin without the complete knowledge of its fundamental basis of medical terminology. Without understanding the complete arrangement, it would not be possible for a person to employ or use the medical terminology in the medical transcription career. Even medical professionals keep handy a medical dictionary that acts as reference for various medical limits. They also keep themselves updated with the latest addition of new terms to the medical dictionary. The proper comprehension of the words, their suffixes, and prefixes will play a major role in ensuring the success in the medical transcription career.

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Online Medical Transcription Course

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Online Medical Transcription CourseIf a person has the interest and the flair to learn medical transcription, then the best way to go about it is seeking the Internet. The Internet makes it much easier to look for different online medical transcription courses and one can easily get an access to courses offering training at a discount or even, free. A free online medical transcription course is too good to be true, but an Individual may easily find the best transcription companies offering good training with good Internet searching skills.

Free online medical transcription courses are available either through private businesses or with distance learning. However, distance learning is a more convenient option, since it offers flexibility of time along with flexibility of place. With distance learning, a person can attend classes from the comfort of own home and whenever feels like attending. Therefore, the individuals have the option of either whiling away the time during the day and staying back late at night to grab tons of medical transcription classes, or setting an appropriate schedule and following it.

Online Medical Transcription CourseWith an online medical transcription course, a person has more chances of moving ahead quickly. If fuelled with high motivation, good education level, and interest in writing, then medical transcription can be a more enjoyable career. Many people, who hate writing, still feel convenient with receiving an online medical transcription course because it allows setting up a well-established home-based profession. Thus, this job is very common among parents, who get the opportunity of earning some extra income and at the same time, adjusting their work schedule in accordance with their child’s schedule.

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Medical Transcription Training

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Medical Transcription TrainingThe duration of a medical transcription training course usually varies from 18 to 24 months depending on the company offering it. The fee also varies depending on the training level offered by the organization. The faculty of a medical transcription training program comprises of experienced medical transcriptionists, English language teachers, and doctors who are also associate professors at a medical school.

A medical transcription training program mainly consists of two important phases – the Classroom and laboratory training and the on-the-job training. The classroom and laboratory training is usually structured for a period of 4 to 6 months. However, some companies prefer spending more time and efforts in this phase of training, since it is at this stage that the primary skills required for a successful career in medical transcription are taught.

Medical Transcription TrainingAfter the classroom-laboratory based training, there is the on-the-job training that lasts for 6-12 months. In this stage, the candidates are provisionally absorbed by the medical transcription organization. These candidates are placed into production to work on live and current medical records. Some companies also have a brief phase called the pre-on-the-job training. In this, the candidates work on medical archives and files that have been already completed in order to enhance their speed and accuracy.

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Healthy Medical Transcriptionists

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Healthy Medical TranscriptionistsIt is the responsibility of the medical transcription firm and the transcriptionists themselves to yield the skillful and healthy medical transcriptionists.  For this, the companies need to set up an excellent working environment that can sufficiently guard the health of every individual working in the office.

The structure of the office chair needs to considered mostly.  The chair needs to support the spine of the transcriptionists, as they need to sit for long hours to complete their work.   Most of the transcription companies offer relaxation workouts for 10 minutes after every two or three hours to help stretch out the muscles of their employees and to help them remain healthy.

The eyes of the transcriptionists also need consideration and most of the transcriptionists use eye shields or antiglare spectacles while working.  They also need to use highly quality headsets with full control on volume and voice modulation to set their headphones ideal to their ears.  Keyboard resting pads are made available to the transcriptionists to avoid carpal tunnel syndrome that affects the wrist and hands of the typists with continuous typing.

Healthy Medical TranscriptionistsA healthy medical transcriptionist considers their health seriously while enjoying their profession.  It is possible for every transcriptionist as well as the transcription company to prevent all possible health hazards that may affect the transcriptionists.

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Medical Transcription Companies

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Medical Transcription CompaniesThe boost of technologies lead to a high demand for medical transcription jobs and youngsters around are looking for reputed medical transcription companies to achieve excellent training program.  Most of the MT companies in India offer free training to selected candidates. However, they ask them to serve the company for a definite period.

The transcription companies need to go with virtually every small technological variation to enhance the demand and to withstand in the competitive era.  Rapid growing transcription services are searching for fast medical transcription companies.  Therefore, it is clear that the transcription company adopting the latest technologies will be able to survive in this field.

The quality and timely submission is the most important factors a transcription company needs to consider.  The companies have to be really careful while absorbing the transcriptionists.  The selected transcriptionists are required to possess good skills, speed and accuracy related to transcription.  Transcription is a teamwork and the team members and the leaders needs to work together to uplift the companies.

Medical Transcription CompaniesPersons wishing to get into medical transcription career can search on to the Internet to access the list of reputable transcription companies offering training programs and jobs.  Most of these companies also offer effectual placement assistance after the completion of training programs.

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Medical Transcription Accessories

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Medical Transcription AccessoriesTo start up a medical transcription business, a person needs to possess certain accessories.  Computer forms the most vital thing among the medical transcription accessories.  A transcriptionist is required to have a computer with latest operating systems that support the additional software and programs necessary for the transcription process.  Microsoft word needs to be installed the transcription is performed on word perfect.

Another important requirement includes the transcription software with amplifier to access the audio files clearly without any disturbance.  A headset with microphone forms the addition accessory that is very much important to listen to the audio files.  To control the voice files transcriptionists use foot pedal or hot keys of the keyboard.  A foot pedal increases the speed and accuracy rate of the transcriptionist.

An unlimited broadband Internet connection is also required to download and upload files on time. A medical dictionary, spellchecker, drug reference software, medical terminology reference software is also important to start up the transcription process.  An AAMT certified abbreviation guidebook can be of additional help to increase the accuracy level of the medical transcriptionist.

Medical Transcription AccessoriesA perfect and comfortable office chair is another vital accessory required for every transcriptionist.  Apart from all the accessories, an ideal environment is very necessary to create before starting up the medical transcription business.

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